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After adopting a rescue dog in 2014 David's life was swiftly turned upside down (and inside out). Over the subsequent five years he lost his regular income, his car, and his home; while a very deluded GP suggested he sell his dog to clear his debts. 


Luna, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Akita, came with a number of behavioural issues that needed to be addressed, but – despite calls from friends to give her up for adoption – David chose to persevere with his beloved pooch... no matter the cost.

A few friends turned their backs on him, refusing to help unless he ditched the mutt. As his anxiety grew and his financial situation worsened, he appeared to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Was this salvation? A new job? A new car?


Nope, it was a train. A train in the form of a global pandemic that knocked David's financial stability back into the gutter.


Welcome to 2020, the year  the world was brought to its knees – and it was certainly no bed of roses for David and Luna either. Unable to visit family and friends for 18 months, the duo faced trial after trial. 


The pooch's foster mother (one of their biggest supporters in the early days) ghosted them, their housemate battled alcoholism, David's earnings fell to an all time low, his new car faced an astronomical repair bill, and Luna needed intensive care after contracting bronchopneumonia.


Finally, they were forced to relocate to Suffolk, where a new life beckoned. Could it really be a fresh start, or a case of being careful what you wish for?

Spoiler alert! The dog doesn't die at the end. Unless she dies before the book goes to print, but *touch wood* she reaches 10 this year.



Forever Home: A Dog Log

  • 300 pages

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